What is healing ?

Healing is simply the channelling of universal energies through the Healer to the client. This works in an holistic manner to improve general well being. This will benefit all aspects of the mind body and spirit.

Healing can help clients cope with recovery from serious illness or major surgery. It may help reduce the side-effects of medical treatments.

Healing complements conventional medicine. It does not replace it.

Do I need to have ‘Faith’?

An open mind is all that is needed.

The Cedars healers are fully trained and experienced and are members of the NFSH, SNU, US or HPAI.

Does Healing work?

Most people say that they benefit from healing. It is a subtle and gentle process and may develop over a period of time and subsequent healing sessions.

Everyone is different – so it is not surprising that individual reactions to healing are also different. Healing has no negative side-effects – and complements all forms of holistic medicine.

The healing session can be deeply relaxing. Some people experience an increase of physical energy. Others may experience peace and harmony. 

The healing energies may take a little time to take effect and any improvement to be noticed. This may be due to the release of emotion. This is an important part of the healing process.

Is it Safe?

The answer to this question is Yes. We are confident to say that all the healers at the Cedars have received training from qualified organisations.

What happens during a healing session ?

A healing session typically takes about 20 minutes.

The client receives healing fully clothed either sitting on a chair or lying on a healing couch . The healer attunes to the healing energy, and channels it through their hands over the chakra points of the body. The energy will flow to where it is needed.

Many clients report sensations of tingling or warmth as the energy is transmitted.

The benefit may continue for hours or days after the healing session.

How can I get healing for myself or for somebody else ?

The Cedars Centre offers weekly healing sessions on Monday evenings  from 7-9pm (Except Bank Holidays).

No appointments are necessary, and no charge is made, however donations to the Centre are always welcome.

‘Distant’ healing can be arranged simply by adding the name of the person who needs healing to the Cedars Healing Book – ask any Committee member or healer at the Centre and they will be willing to help you with this. If you cannot get to the Centre – you are very welcome to complete the Healing Book form with the name of the person who needs healing. Simply click the SEND button and we will add the name to the Healing Book for you.

I’m interested in becoming a Healer – where do I start ?

Please see our Link page to view the Healing Organisations.