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Our Season

Grace is a gift that seems to come unexpectedly when we’re open and available to receive it.

The experience of grace comes in moments of openness when we’re gifted with a feeling or an unexpected insight that’s given from the deepest dimension of being.

The Light of grace often comes in quiet moments, but it can also come in times of suffering, pain, or even desperation.

We might call this a fierce grace, a grace that comes when we don’t know what to do or where to turn in the midst of our suffering or heartache.

Sometimes when our heart is broken, grace might invite us to leave it open.

The grace of awakening to our deepest essence does not mean grief will not arise. Love shows itself as grief in the face of loss in our human expressions.

We can embrace with compassion whatever challenges arise ,  try not  to resist it or hold on to it, letting it come when it comes and go when it goes, like all of life is essential.

Facing these situations can show us that strength of character and if there are endings they are not an end, but a transformation, and perhaps the beginning of a deeper love, a deeper freedom, a deeper joy that confirms this truth.

Transformation can spring forth from our deepest challenges and let’s embrace them with the grace that we have inside us.

Channelled via spirit

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A warm welcome

Our first contribution is from the well known medium and good friend of the Cedars, Angie Christie. Angie  writes:

By Angie Christie

I wanted to share with you all an experience I had recently over in Michigan, USA whilst staying with very good friend of mine, Lynne Judd.

It has always been my wish to meet a Lakota Sioux N. American and six years ago I had that very special opportunity. Not only then did I meet him, but met a lot more at an Indian Powow, when we not only met Lakota, but N. Americans from Canada too who had come for the ceremony. I was taken six years ago to meet and talk with Bo-John Brave Bull who lives on a small ranch in Michigan called Standing Rock Ranch.

I sat down with him and told him of my experiences with my guide Running Cloud. He was a wonderful listener and I poured all my feelings out to him. He even tried to find out what tribe Running Cloud was part of.

Six years went by and I again had the opportunity of visiting Michigan. I was greeted very warmly by my friend Bo-John and he had even made a tepee for me. He is a healer also who works in the Sioux way and has helped many of my family and friends. Nothing is ever too much for him. Also I wondered why the Buffalo and the Eagle were so important to me. I found myself buying a few years ago two buffalo ornaments. I was given the eagle for protection one night in circle in the late 1980s when I was learning.

I have been told by my Indian friend that the Buffalo and the Eagle are very significant in the legends of the Lakota Sioux and he is a great story-teller.

We, Lynne’s wonderful parents, Lynne and myself were treated in July to an Indian meal which Bo-John cooked and we had to, as tradition, stand around the food as Bo-John prayed aloud in Lakota language, giving thanks to The Great Spirit for our meal.

I was so pleased also that he had made a tepee for us to see. Nowadays, the Sioux are more westernised but keep to the old ways and traditions, preserving the language and each year going to a huge gathering in S. Dakota. He went this year with his family, Summer his wife, Amber and Aspen Rain, his two delightful little girls. It is for The Sun Dance and meeting up with old friends and family. Before I had to reluctantly leave him, he presented me with a Prayer Quilt. Each piece of this quilt was stitched by a Lakota Woman and a prayer said over each and every piece. I must, he said, never lock it away but put it out each day as it has great healing properties. It is a star quilt.
I am enclosing some photographs taken of myself with Bo-John Brave Bull and the famous quilt.
It is something I will treasure and maybe one day, God willing, I will have the means to again visit this very spiritual man. I was deeply grateful for the quilt as it is a great honour I know to be given one.

I wish all the readers of the Cedars Spiritualist Church website well.

With love and light,
Angie Christie.